Matthew 21:33-45

JMNT(i) 33 "Listen, and hear another illustration (parable): There was a man (human), a householder, who planted a vineyard. Then he put a fence (or: wall; hedge) around it and excavated a trough-shaped receptacle as a winepress. Next he erected a viewing tower, then he leased [the vineyard] out to farmer who would cultivate and dress the vines. With that, he left his home country and traveled abroad. 34 "Now when the season of the fruits drew near, he sent off his slaves to the farmers (= tenant-cultivators) for the purpose of receiving and taking his [share of] the fruits. 35 "And then the farmers (vinedressers), upon taking hold of his slaves, thrashed one, killed another, and stoned another. 36 "So again, he sent off other slaves – more than the first ones – and they did the same to them! 37 "Lastly, he dispatched his son to them, saying, 'They will proceed being turned back on themselves in shame, and thus show respect for and reverence my son.' 38 "Yet the vinedressers (farmers; cultivators) upon seeing the son – said among themselves, 'This one is the heir! Come now! We should (or: can) kill him and then we can have his inheritance!' 39 "And so, upon taking hold of him, they threw him out – outside of the vineyard –and they killed [him]. 40 "Therefore, whenever the owner of the vineyard may come, what will he proceed to be doing to those farmers (vinedressers)?" 41 They, as a group, say to Him, "Worthless men (Evil, bad, ugly and malicious fellows)! He will proceed to destroy them in an ugly and vicious way! And then, he will proceed to lease out the vineyard to other vinedressers (farmers; cultivators), who will be habitually giving away (rendering) to him his due share of the fruits, in their proper seasons." 42 Jesus is then saying to them, "Did you never read in the Scriptures, 'A stone which the builders rejected as the result of a test – this one is birthed into (or: comes to be for) a head of a corner (= a keystone; a capstone; a cornerstone). This [head] was birthed (came into existence) from [the] Lord's [=Yahweh's] side (or: presence), and it is wonderful and marvelous in our eyes'? [Ps. 118:22-23] 43 "Because of this, I am now saying to you men that God's reign (or: the kingdom of God; the influence and activity of God's sovereignty) will be progressively lifted up away from you folks, and it (or: she) will proceed being given to an ethnic multitude (or: nation; people group) consistently producing its (or: her) fruit! 44 "Further, the person falling upon this Stone will progressively be shattered together. Yet upon whom it may likely fall, It will be progressively winnowing him and scattering the chaff." 45 And so, upon hearing His illustrations (parables), the chief and ranking priests – as well as the Pharisees – knew by this experience that He had been speaking about them.