Luke 4:34

JMNT(i) 34 "Ah! (or: Ha!) What [is this] for us... and for You (or: What [business is there] between us and You; What [is there in common] for us and for you; Why do you meddle with us), Jesus, you Nazarene? You came to get rid of us! (or: Do you come to destroy us?) I have seen and know You... Who (or: What) you are! – God's set-apart One! (or: the Holy man whose source is God; as a genitive of apposition: the Holy One {or: man} Who is God!)" [comment: it has been assumed that when saying "us" this person was referring to the animistic influence; but was he perhaps referring to the Jewish culture, religion and political entity, of which he was a part? Cf Acts 16:16-18]