John 5:25-29

JMNT(i) 25 "Count on it (Amen, amen), I am presently continuing to say to you folks that an hour is progressively (or: presently in process of) coming, and even now exists (or: = is now here), when the dead folks WILL be repeatedly hearing the voice of God’s Son (or: the Voice from, and which is, the Son of God; or: the voice of the Son, Who is God), and the ones hearing WILL proceed to be living! 26 "You see, just as the Father continuously holds (or: constantly has) Life within Himself, thus also, He gives in the Son (or: to the Son) to be continuously holding (or: constantly having) Life within Himself, 27 "And He gives in Him (or: to Him; by Him) authority (or: the right; the privilege; or: out of [His] essence and being) to be habitually separating and deciding (to be constantly sifting and evaluating; to continuously do [the] judging), because He is a son of mankind (= because He is human – a member of the human race [= Adam's Son]; or: = because He exists being the eschatological Messiah). 28 "Don’t you folks be constantly amazed at this, because an hour is progressively (or: presently; or: repeatedly) coming within which all the people within the memorial tombs (or: graves) – will be continuously or repeatedly hearing His voice, 29 "and they will proceed journeying out: the ones doing virtue (producing, making or constructing good) into a resurrection which is Life (or: of, from and with the quality of Life); the ones practicing careless (base, worthless, cheap, slight, paltry, inefficient, thoughtless, common or mean) things into a resurrection of separating and evaluating for a decision (or: a resurrection which is a judging).