John 5:16-18

JMNT(i) 16 so on this account the Jews (= religious authorities) kept in hostile pursuit and were persecuting Jesus [other MSS add: and were seeking to kill Him], because He kept on doing these things on a sabbath. 17 But Jesus decidedly answers them, "My Father is continuously working and keeps on being in action until the present moment (or: up to right now); I, Myself, also am continually working (or: and so I Myself continue active, regularly performing in [His] trade)." 18 On this account, therefore, the Jews (= the religious authorities) were all the more continuing in seeking to kill Him off, because not only was He habitually loosing and destroying (or: breaking down; dismantling) the sabbath, but further, He was also repeatedly saying that God [is] His own Father – making Himself equal to God (or: the same thing as God; even, on the same level, in God).