Hebrews 11:7

JMNT(i) 7 In faith, by trust, with confidence and loyal allegiance, Noah, being instructed (or: being managed in public affairs) concerning those things as yet not seen, acting cautiously (or: receiving carefully; being shown [as] one who is taking hold well), prepared (made ready; furnished and equipped) an ark – [leading] into a deliverance (a rescue; a keeping safe) of his house – through which he made a corresponding evaluation and a commensurate decision about the aggregate of humanity (or: separated down the secular world; condemns the System; makes a judgment which falls in line with and follows the pattern of the ordered arrangement) and came to be an heir (an enjoyer of an allotment) of fair and equitable dealings (of justice and rightwised relationships in accord with the Way pointed out; also: = of covenant inclusion) down from faith, which is in line with trust and is in the sphere of convinced loyalty.