Galatians 5:2-4

JMNT(i) 2 See and individually consider! I, Paul, continue saying to you folks, that if you should proceed to being circumcised, Christ will continue benefiting you nothing (or: an Anointing will continue of use to you [for] not one thing)! 3 Now I continue solemnly asserting (attesting; affirming; witnessing), again, to every person (or: human) proceeding to be circumcised, that he is, and continues being, a debtor (one under obligation) to do (to perform; to produce) the whole Law [= the entire Torah]! 4 You people were discharged (made inactive, idle, useless, unproductive and without effect; or: voided, nullified, exempted) away from Christ, you who are now in Law trying to be rightwised (also = be included in the covenant) and are basing your fairness and relationships on the way it points out – you at once fell from out of the grace and favor!