Colossians 1:9-13

JMNT(i) 9 And because of this (or: So that is why) we, from the day on which we heard, are not ceasing constant praying (thinking and speaking toward having things being well) over your [situation] and asking (or: making a request) on behalf of you folks, to the end that you may (or: would) be filled full with the entire contents of the accurate, full, experiential, intimate knowledge and insight of His will (His design, purpose, plan and intention; or: so that you may know and experience all that He wants you to know and experience) within the sphere of all wisdom and spiritual understanding (comprehension; a junction of that which is sent together; discernment; being able to make the pieces fit together). 10 [Thus we pray for you] to walk about worthily (i.e., to live your life with corresponding value) with regard to the Lord (the Owner; [= Yahweh or Christ]) [progressing] into all pleasing (or: into every desire to please; into the midst of entire pleasure) within every good work or virtuous action, while habitually bearing fruit and constantly being folks [that] are being progressively caused to grow and increase in the full, accurate, experiential and intimate knowledge of God (or: with God's full experience of intimate knowledge and insight; or: by the added insight and experiential knowledge which is God), 11 being continuously empowered in every ability (being ones progressively enabled within all power) corresponding to the strength of His glory (or: down from and in the sphere of the might pertaining to and having its source in His reputation or His manifestation of that which calls forth praise; or: = the strength coming from His manifested presence [= His Sh'khinah]) [leading] into every [situation of] persistent remaining under [difficulties] to humbly give patient support (or: unto all relentless endurance) and long-waiting before rushing into emotions (or: long endurance; a long time before breathing violently with passion; or: perseverance; tolerance towards others), accompanied by (or: together with) joy. 12 [We are folks who are] constantly giving thanks to the Father: the One calling you [other MSS: us] – as well as making [you; us] competent (sufficient; qualified; fit; suitable) – into the divided share of the lot of the inheritance (or: into the part and portion of the allotted possession) of the set-apart folks (or: pertaining to the holy ones; belonging to the saints; from the sacred people; which is the different-from-the-ordinary folks) within the Light; 13 He who drags us out of danger (or: rescued us) forth from out of the midst of the authority of the Darkness (from Darkness's jurisdiction and right; from existing out of gloomy shadows and obscure dimness; = the privilege of ignorance), and changes [our] position (or: transported [us], thus, giving [us] a change of standing, and transferred [us]) into the midst of the kingdom and reign of the Son of His love (or: into the midst of the sovereign influence of the Son Who has the characteristics and qualities of His accepting love; into union with the sovereign activities of the Son Whose origin is His love; or: into the sphere of the reign of the Son of the Love which is Him; into the center of the kingdom of the Son, which is His love),