Acts 2:38

JMNT(i) 38 So Peter at once affirms to them, "At once change your way of thinking (your frame of mind and point of view; [by customary use this implies: and return to Yahweh]). Then at once let each one of you folks be immersed (baptized) within the Name (= in union with the identity, the character, the authority, the essence) of Jesus Christ (or: of [the] Anointed Jesus; with is Jesus [the Messiah]) – into the midst of a release and sending away, a divorce and an abandonment, a cancellation and a forgiveness: of your failures, your mistakes, your times of missing the target, your errors, and your sins – and then you will proceed receiving and continue taking in hand the free gift (the gratuity) of the Set-apart Breath-effect (or: which is the Holy Spirit; or: which has its source in and the character of the Sacred Attitude).