Acts 28:23-28

JMNT(i) 23 Then, having themselves arranged a day with him, more folks came to him, into [his] place of lodging, to whom he continued setting forth, explaining from out of [his] midst, while progressively giving thorough evidence and double witness of God's reign (or: the sovereign influence, actions and kingdom of God), besides constantly using persuading and convincing [reasoning with] them concerning Jesus – both from the Law (= Torah) of Moses and from the Prophets – from early morning until evening. 24 And so [some] folks, on the one hand, began being progressively persuaded and convinced by (or: in) the things being continuously spoken and laid out, yet on the other hand, [other] folks continued without faith and trust (or: persisted in unbelief). 25 So, continuing in being out of harmony (dissonant; discordant; without symphony; = at odds and in disagreement) toward one another, they began loosing themselves away (continued dismissing themselves, one after another) with Paul's speaking one gush-effect (or: comment; declaration): "The set-apart Breath-effect (or: Holy Spirit) beautifully (finely; ideally; aptly; fittingly) speaks (or: spoke) through Isaiah the prophet – to your fathers – saying, 26 "'Go your way at once to this People and say, "By listening (or: In hearing), you people will continue hearing (or: listening) and yet by no means would you understand (or: could you make things flow together). And then, while constantly looking and observing, you folks will continue looking and observing, and yet by no means would you see (or: could you perceive). 27 "You see, the heart of this People was made fat and thick (fleshy and stout; clotted and coarse; massive and gross; = thick-witted and stupid) and with [their] ears they hear heavily (= with difficulty and without response), and they squint or close their eyes – lest at some point they would (or: could) see with [their] eyes and should hear with [their] ears, and would understand (make things fit together) with the heart, and then could turn about and return – and so, I will proceed progressively (or: one-after-another) healing them!"' [Isa. 6:9-10] 28 "Therefore, continue letting it be known by you folks that this restoration to health and wholeness – this rescue, deliverance and salvation – was (or: has been) sent off to, for, and among the ethnic people groups (the multitudes of the nations)! And they themselves will keep on listening, then in and for themselves will continue (or: be progressively) hearing!"