Acts 12:14-16

JMNT(i) 14 Then, upon recognizing (accurately knowing) Peter's voice, from the joy [of the realization] she did not open up the gateway, but instead, immediately running into [their] midst, reported [that] Peter is standing before the gateway (or: entrance). 15 Yet they themselves said to her, "You are either manic, or you are out of your mind!" But she continued strongly asserting and thoroughly insisting [that] thus [they] are to continue having [it] (= that it was so). So those folks kept on saying, one after another, [D adds: to her], " [D adds: Perhaps] it is his agent (or: The messenger is from him; or: It is the agent that pertains to him; It is the messenger that has his characteristics)!" 16 Now Peter continued remaining at [the door], repeatedly knocking. So when they opened [it] up, they saw him and were standing outside of themselves in astonishment (or: beside themselves in amazement).