Acts 1

JMNT(i) 1 Indeed, I made (did; composed) the first account (word; narrative; message; laid out and arranged collection of thoughts, ideas, expressions and statements; logos), O Theophilus (or: O friend and lover of God; or: O man loved of God), concerning everything (or: about all the things) which Jesus both began to continuously do (or: started to progressively make or construct) and to habitually and progressively teach, 2 until a (or: [the]) day in which He was taken (or: received) back up again, after – through a set-apart Breath-effect (or: [the] Holy Spirit) – imparting the goal withinthe folks sent off with a mission (giving the end in view to the emissaries; investing mature directives for the commissioned representatives), whom He selected (picked out and chose) for Himself, 3 to whom also – within many fixed marks of substantial and certain proof – He presented Himself (or: among whom He placed Himself alongside) still living (or: continuing alive) after the [situation causing] Him to suffer, from time to time repeatedly appearing to, and being seen by, them at intervals throughout [a period of] forty days, and continuously saying things concerning God's reign and sovereign activities (or: and progressively laying out thoughts about the kingdom and realm of God, as well as the ruling influence, which is God). 4 And so, being repeatedly collected together to the assembled crowd, and periodically eating with them, He at one point passed along the message to them to not be presently separated (or: caused to depart) from Jerusalem, but rather, to continue remaining with regard to, and waiting around for, the Father's promise (or: the promise, the source of which is the Father; or, as a genitive of apposition: the promise which is the Father), "Which you people heard Him repeatedly saying through My mouth [reading with D*; other MSS: "Which you folks heard from Me], 5 "because John, indeed, immersed (or: baptized) in water, but you yourselves will proceed being immersed within the midst of [the] Holy Spirit (or: dipped into the midst of to the point of being saturated in a set-apart Breath-effect; baptized in a holy attitude; immersed in a union with a sacred wind; [D* adds: which, also, you are presently about to continuously receive]), after not many [of] these days [D* adds: – until Pentecost]." 6 So then these folks, having come together, indeed kept on asking Him, one after another saying, "Lord (or: Master), are You in this time progressively moving the kingdom away from where it has been put down (or: off its established position and away from the current situation and condition) and now restoring the sovereignty in (or: the reign to and for) Israel?" 7 So He said to them, "At this point it is not yours (or: it does not pertain to you) to personally know times or seasons (or: periods or situations) which the Father put within His own authority (or: places in His own jurisdiction and privilege). 8 "Nevertheless, you folks will progressively receive power and will continue taking to yourselves ability [at, or with, the] coming of the Set-apart Breath-effect (the Holy Spirit and Sacred Attitude) upon you folks – and you will keep on being My witnesses (those who testify and give evidence of what they have seen and experienced; and later: martyrs; = you will continue telling about Me), both within Jerusalem and within all Judea and Samaria... even as far as [the] end of the Land (or: the extremity and farthest point of the earth)." 9 Then, after saying these things – during their continued looking and uninterrupted seeing – He was suddenly exalted (or: raised upon [them]; lifted up to a higher status), and then a cloud from underneath [Him] took and received Him (or: He was at once hoisted on and fully lifted up, and even a cloud took Him in hand, from below)... away from their eyes. 10 Next, as they were continuing in staring intently, straining and stretching with a fixed gaze into the sky (or: the atmosphere; heaven) during His progressively going on His way – and now look and consider! – two adult men (males of the human race; or: husbands) had taken a position and now stand beside them in bright white garments, 11 who also said, "Men! Galileans! Why do you stand continuously looking into the sky (or: the atmosphere; heaven)? This Jesus – the One being taken (or: received; taken in hand) back up away from you folks into the atmosphere (or: the sky; heaven) – will thus be periodically coming and going, [in the] manner [in] which you gaze at Him progressively going His way into the atmosphere (or: will in this way be continuing to go, [by] which [in] turning, you watched Him continue journeying into the heaven)." 12 At that time they returned into Jerusalem from [the] mountain being normally called The Olive Grove (or: Olivet; or: = the Mount of Olives) – which is near Jerusalem – having a journey (or: path [to travel]) which corresponded to a sabbath's [allowable distance (= 2000 yards, just over a mile)]. 13 And so when they entered [the city], they went up into the upstairs room where they were residing (or: continuing to stay) – both Peter and John, as well as Jacob (James) and Andrew, Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew, Jacob (James) Ben-Alphaeus and Simon the Zealot, also Judah (Judas) Ben-Jacob (or: [son] of James). 14 All these men were continuing to be carrying on forward with strength and with the same passion and temperament constantly persisting in the prayer with a view to goodness – together with [the] women, as well as Mary [other MSS: Mariam], the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers. 15 Later during these days, after rising (or: standing) up within the midst of the brothers (= the assembled brotherhood) – now there was a group at the same [place] of about one hundred and twenty names (= people; [note: these were probably outside; further: in Jewish local government, at least 120 persons were needed to constitute a council]) – Peter said, 16 "Men! Brothers (= Fellow believers)! It was continuing necessary and binding for the Scripture to be fulfilled in which the Holy Spirit (or: the Set-apart Breath-effect and Sacred Attitude) foretold (or: spoke in advance) through the mouth of David, concerning (or: about) Judah (or: Judas) – the one coming to be a guide for (or: to) the folks seizing and arresting Jesus17 "because he was one having been actually numbered (or: counted down; = enrolled and assigned) among us (or: within our [group]) and thus he obtained by lot the allotted portion (or: share) of this attending service." 18This man, indeed therefore, acquired a small parcel of ground (a farm; an estate; a freehold: a place not subject to allotment which could be bought or sold) from out of wages of injustice (that which is contrary to solidarity and the Way pointed out; inequity; unfairness), and so, having come to be flat on his face (prostrate), [his] heart (the core of his being in the midst of him) broke and his deep feeling and affections were poured forth (or, literally: mid-section ruptured and all his intestines were poured out). 19 And it came to be known to (or: by) all those normally inhabiting Jerusalem, so that small parcel of ground (freehold) came to be called "Akeldama." In their language (or: dialect [of Aramaic]) this is "a bloody piece of ground (or: Field or Freehold of Blood)" – 20 "You see," [continued Peter], "it has been (or: it stands) written within [the] Book (or: scroll) of Psalms, 'Let his encampment (unroofed place where he spends the night; or: sheepfold; unwalled village; homestead) at once come to be desolate (abandoned and lonely; a desert), and let there not continue being the permanent resident with it,' [Ps. 69:25] also, 'Let a different person take (or: receive) his function of visitation and supervision (or: of keeping an eye fixed on a distant object or goal; of a watcher who takes note of a situation and provides care).' [Ps. 109:8] 21 "Therefore, it continues binding and necessary that of those adult men coming together to us and assembling with us during all the time in which the Lord (or: Master) Jesus entered upon our [situation], and then exited (or: came in and went out [among] us) – 22 "beginning from the immersion originated by John (or: John's baptism) until the day in which He was taken back up (or: received again), away from us – one of these is to become a witness (one who gives testimony and presents evidence) together with us, in regard to His resurrection." 23 And so they set (or: placed; = nominated) two men: Joseph, the one normally being called Bar-Sabba – who was surnamed Justus, and Matthias. 24 Then, in praying, they said, "You, O Lord (Master; or: = [Yahweh]) – Knower and One experiencing the hearts of all men, raise up to point out (or: exhibit and indicate) one from these two men, whom You picked out and chose for Yourself 25 "to receive (or: take in hand) the place [other MSS: lot] pertaining to (or: of) this attending service of dispensing and sending-forth (or: releasing on expedition) – from which Judah (or: Judas) stepped aside, to journey into his own place." 26 So then they gave lots for (or: on; to; among) them [D* and other MSS: they gave their lots], and the lot fell upon Matthias. Then (or: And so) he was voted on by placing pebbles down together, and thus was jointly numbered and reckoned with (= being a part of) the eleven sent-forth folks.