1 Timothy 1:13-16

JMNT(i) 13one being formerly a blasphemer (a vilifier and slanderer; one using abusive speech and hindering the Light while bringing injury) and a persecutor and a violent, insolent aggressor (an overbearing, insolent, riotous and outrageous person), but to the contrary, I was mercied (or: given mercy), because, being continuously ignorant (without intimate, experiential knowledge or personal insight), I acted (or: did it) within unbelief (or: in distrust). 14 Yet our Lord's grace and favor overwhelms (is above more than enough; is overabounding) with faith and trust, as well as love, which are resident within Christ Jesus. 15 The Word [is] full of faith, and [is] deserving of every welcome reception of equal value, because (or: Faithful and trustworthy, even worthy of all and complete acceptance, [is] the message and saying that) Christ Jesus came into the ordered System (the world of secular culture, religion, government and economy; or: the cosmos) to rescue failures (to deliver those missing the target; to save and make sinners healthy and whole; to restore outcasts to their rightful position), of whom I myself exist being first (or: am foremost). 16 But nonetheless, through this I was mercied (or: I am given mercy), to the end that within me first (= as the foremost case) Jesus Christ may point out so as to publicly display every emotion which is long in arriving (all long-suffering patience) with a view to being an underline (toward [being] a subtype; as facing a sketch or outline; for a pattern) of those about to be habitually believing (or: progressively trusting; one-after-another placing faith) upon Him, [that is, ] into the midst of eonian life (into Life which pertains to and has the qualities and characteristics of the Age [of Messiah]; into life of, and which lasts through, the ages).