Zechariah 11:17

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  17 H1945 הוי Woe H7473 רעי shepherd H457 האליל to the idol H5800 עזבי that leaveth H6629 הצאן the flock! H2719 חרב the sword H5921 על upon H2220 זרועו his arm, H5921 ועל and upon H5869 עין eye: H3225 ימינו his right H2220 זרעו his arm H3001 יבושׁ shall be clean dried up, H3001 תיבשׁ shall be clean dried up, H5869 ועין eye H3225 ימינו and his right H3543 כהה shall be utterly darkened. H3543 תכהה׃ shall be utterly darkened.