Zechariah 10:2

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  2 H3588 כי For H8655 התרפים the idols H1696 דברו have spoken H205 און vanity, H7080 והקוסמים and the diviners H2372 חזו have seen H8267 שׁקר a lie, H2472 וחלמות dreams; H7723 השׁוא false H1696 ידברו and have told H1892 הבל in vain: H5162 ינחמון they comfort H5921 על therefore H3651 כן therefore H5265 נסעו they went their way H3644 כמו as H6629 צאן a flock, H6031 יענו they were troubled, H3588 כי because H369 אין no H7462 רעה׃ shepherd.