Ruth 2:19

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  19 H559 ותאמר said H2545 לה חמותה And her mother-in-law H375 איפה unto her, Where H3950 לקטת hast thou gleaned H3117 היום today? H575 ואנה   H6213 עשׂית wroughtest H1961 יהי be H5234 מכירך he that did take knowledge H1288 ברוך thou? blessed H5046 ותגד of thee. And she showed H2545 לחמותה her mother-in-law H853 את   H834 אשׁר whom H6213 עשׂתה she had wrought, H5973 עמו with H559 ותאמר and said, H8034 שׁם name H376 האישׁ The man's H834 אשׁר whom H6213 עשׂיתי I wrought H5973 עמו with H3117 היום today H1162 בעז׃ Boaz.