Psalms 81:11-13

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  11 H3808 ולא would not H8085 שׁמע hearken H5971 עמי But my people H6963 לקולי to my voice; H3478 וישׂראל and Israel H3808 לא none H14 אבה׃ would
  12 H7971 ואשׁלחהו So I gave them up H8307 בשׁרירות lust: H3820 לבם unto their own hearts' H1980 ילכו they walked H4156 במועצותיהם׃ in their own counsels.
  13 H3863 לו Oh that H5971 עמי my people H8085 שׁמע had hearkened H3478 לי ישׂראל unto me, Israel H1870 בדרכי in my ways! H1980 יהלכו׃ had walked