Psalms 78:70-72

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  70 H977 ויבחר He chose H1732 בדוד David H5650 עבדו also his servant, H3947 ויקחהו and took H4356 ממכלאת   H6629 צאן׃  
  71 H310 מאחר   H5763 עלות the ewes great with young H935 הביאו he brought H7462 לרעות him to feed H3290 ביעקב Jacob H5971 עמו his people, H3478 ובישׂראל and Israel H5159 נחלתו׃ his inheritance.
  72 H7462 וירעם So he fed H8537 כתם them according to the integrity H3824 לבבו of his heart; H8394 ובתבונות them by the skilfulness H3709 כפיו of his hands. H5148 ינחם׃ and guided