Psalms 78:23-25

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  23 H6680 ויצו Though he had commanded H7834 שׁחקים the clouds H4605 ממעל from above, H1817 ודלתי the doors H8064 שׁמים of heaven, H6605 פתח׃ and opened
  24 H4305 וימטר And had rained down H5921 עליהם upon H4478 מן manna H398 לאכל them to eat, H1715 ודגן them of the corn H8064 שׁמים of heaven. H5414 נתן׃ and had given
  25 H3899 לחם food: H47 אבירים angels' H398 אכל did eat H376 אישׁ Man H6720 צידה them meat H7971 שׁלח he sent H1992 להם   H7648 לשׂבע׃ to the full.