Psalms 35

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H1732 לדוד of David. H7378 ריבה Plead H3068 יהוה O LORD, H853 את   H3401 יריבי them that strive H3898 לחם with me: fight against H853 את   H3898 לחמי׃ them that fight against
  2 H2388 החזק Take hold H4043 מגן of shield H6793 וצנה and buckler, H6965 וקומה and stand up H5833 בעזרתי׃ for mine help.
  3 H7324 והרק Draw out H2595 חנית also the spear, H5462 וסגר and stop H7125 לקראת against H7291 רדפי them that persecute H559 אמר me: say H5315 לנפשׁי unto my soul, H3444 ישׁעתך thy salvation. H589 אני׃ I
  4 H954 יבשׁו Let them be confounded H3637 ויכלמו and put to shame H1245 מבקשׁי that seek after H5315 נפשׁי my soul: H5472 יסגו let them be turned H268 אחור back H2659 ויחפרו and brought to confusion H2803 חשׁבי that devise H7451 רעתי׃ my hurt.
  5 H1961 יהיו Let them be H4671 כמץ as chaff H6440 לפני before H7307 רוח the wind: H4397 ומלאך and let the angel H3068 יהוה of the LORD H1760 דוחה׃ chase
  6 H1961 יהי be H1870 דרכם Let their way H2822 חשׁך dark H2519 וחלקלקות and slippery: H4397 ומלאך and let the angel H3068 יהוה of the LORD H7291 רדפם׃ persecute
  7 H3588 כי For H2600 חנם without cause H2934 טמנו have they hid H7845 לי שׁחת a pit, H7568 רשׁתם for me their net H2600 חנם without cause H2658 חפרו they have digged H5315 לנפשׁי׃ for my soul.
  8 H935 תבואהו come upon H7722 שׁואה Let destruction H3808 לא him at unawares; H3045 ידע him at unawares; H7568 ורשׁתו and let his net H834 אשׁר that H2934 טמן he hath hid H3920 תלכדו catch H7722 בשׁואה himself: into that very destruction H5307 יפל׃ let him fall.
  9 H5315 ונפשׁי And my soul H1523 תגיל shall be joyful H3068 ביהוה in the LORD: H7797 תשׂישׂ it shall rejoice H3444 בישׁועתו׃ in his salvation.
  10 H3605 כל All H6106 עצמותי my bones H559 תאמרנה shall say, H3068 יהוה LORD, H4310 מי who H3644 כמוך like unto thee, H5337 מציל which deliverest H6041 עני the poor H2389 מחזק from him that is too strong H4480 ממנו from him that is too strong H6041 ועני him, yea, the poor H34 ואביון and the needy H1497 מגזלו׃ from him that spoileth
  11 H6965 יקומון did rise up; H5707 עדי witnesses H2555 חמס False H834 אשׁר that H3808 לא not. H3045 ידעתי I knew H7592 ישׁאלוני׃ they laid to my charge
  12 H7999 ישׁלמוני They rewarded H7451 רעה me evil H8478 תחת for H2896 טובה good H7908 שׁכול the spoiling H5315 לנפשׁי׃ of my soul.
  13 H589 ואני But as for me, H2470 בחלותם when they were sick, H3830 לבושׁי my clothing H8242 שׂק sackcloth: H6031 עניתי I humbled H6685 בצום with fasting; H5315 נפשׁי my soul H8605 ותפלתי and my prayer H5921 על into H2436 חיקי mine own bosom. H7725 תשׁוב׃ returned
  14 H7453 כרע as though my friend H251 כאח brother: H1980 לי התהלכתי I behaved myself H57 כאבל as one that mourneth H517 אם mother. H6937 קדר heavily, H7817 שׁחותי׃ I bowed down
  15 H6761 ובצלעי But in mine adversity H8055 שׂמחו they rejoiced, H622 ונאספו and gathered themselves together: H622 נאספו gathered themselves together H5921 עלי against H5222 נכים the abjects H3808 ולא not; H3045 ידעתי me, and I knew H7167 קרעו they did tear H3808 ולא not: H1826 דמו׃ and ceased
  16 H2611 בחנפי With hypocritical H3934 לעגי mockers H4580 מעוג in feasts, H2786 חרק they gnashed H5921 עלי upon H8127 שׁנימו׃ me with their teeth.
  17 H136 אדני Lord, H4100 כמה how long H7200 תראה wilt thou look on? H7725 השׁיבה rescue H5315 נפשׁי my soul H7722 משׁאיהם from their destructions, H3715 מכפירים from the lions. H3173 יחידתי׃ my darling
  18 H3034 אודך I will give thee thanks H6951 בקהל congregation: H7227 רב in the great H5971 בעם people. H6099 עצום thee among much H1984 אהללך׃ I will praise
  19 H408 אל Let not H8055 ישׂמחו rejoice H341 לי איבי them that are mine enemies H8267 שׁקר wrongfully H8130 שׂנאי that hate H2600 חנם me without a cause. H7169 יקרצו over me: let them wink H5869 עין׃ with the eye
  20 H3588 כי For H3808 לא not H7965 שׁלום peace: H1696 ידברו they speak H5921 ועל against H7282 רגעי quiet H776 ארץ in the land. H1697 דברי matters H4820 מרמות deceitful H2803 יחשׁבון׃ but they devise
  21 H7337 וירחיבו Yea, they opened H5921 עלי wide against H6310 פיהם their mouth H559 אמרו me, said, H1889 האח Aha, H1889 האח aha, H7200 ראתה hath seen H5869 עינינו׃ our eye
  22 H7200 ראיתה thou hast seen, H3068 יהוה O LORD: H408 אל keep not H2790 תחרשׁ silence: H136 אדני O Lord, H408 אל be not H7368 תרחק far H4480 ממני׃ from
  23 H5782 העירה Stir up thyself, H6974 והקיצה and awake H4941 למשׁפטי to my judgment, H430 אלהי my God H136 ואדני and my Lord. H7379 לריבי׃ unto my cause,
  24 H8199 שׁפטני Judge H6664 כצדקך according to thy righteousness; H3068 יהוה me, O LORD H430 אלהי my God, H408 ואל and let them not H8055 ישׂמחו׃ rejoice
  25 H408 אל Let them not H559 יאמרו say H3820 בלבם in their hearts, H1889 האח Ah, H5315 נפשׁנו so would we have it: H408 אל let them not H559 יאמרו say, H1104 בלענוהו׃ We have swallowed him up.
  26 H954 יבשׁו Let them be ashamed H2659 ויחפרו and brought to confusion H3162 יחדו together H8056 שׂמחי that rejoice H7451 רעתי at mine hurt: H3847 ילבשׁו let them be clothed H1322 בשׁת with shame H3639 וכלמה and dishonor H1431 המגדילים that magnify H5921 עלי׃ against
  27 H7442 ירנו Let them shout for joy, H8055 וישׂמחו and be glad, H2655 חפצי that favor H6664 צדקי my righteous cause: H559 ויאמרו yea, let them say H8548 תמיד continually, H1431 יגדל be magnified, H3068 יהוה Let the LORD H2655 החפץ which hath pleasure H7965 שׁלום in the prosperity H5650 עבדו׃ of his servant.
  28 H3956 ולשׁוני And my tongue H1897 תהגה shall speak H6664 צדקך of thy righteousness H3605 כל all H3117 היום the day H8416 תהלתך׃ of thy praise