Psalms 150

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H1984 הללו Praise H3050 יה ye the LORD. H1984 הללו Praise H410 אל God H6944 בקדשׁו in his sanctuary: H1984 הללוהו praise H7549 ברקיע him in the firmament H5797 עזו׃ of his power.
  2 H1984 הללוהו Praise H1369 בגבורתיו him for his mighty acts: H1984 הללוהו praise H7230 כרב him according to his excellent H1433 גדלו׃ greatness.
  3 H1984 הללוהו Praise H8629 בתקע him with the sound H7782 שׁופר of the trumpet: H1984 הללוהו praise H5035 בנבל him with the psaltery H3658 וכנור׃ and harp.
  4 H1984 הללוהו Praise H8596 בתף him with the timbrel H4234 ומחול and dance: H1984 הללוהו praise H4482 במנים him with stringed instruments H5748 ועוגב׃ and organs.
  5 H1984 הללוהו Praise H6767 בצלצלי cymbals: H8088 שׁמע him upon the loud H1984 הללוהו praise H6767 בצלצלי cymbals. H8643 תרועה׃ him upon the high sounding
  6 H3605 כל Let every H5397 הנשׁמה thing that hath breath H1984 תהלל praise H3050 יה the LORD. H1984 הללו Praise H3050 יה׃ ye the LORD.