Psalms 106:25-48

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  25 H7279 וירגנו But murmured H168 באהליהם in their tents, H3808 לא not H8085 שׁמעו hearkened H6963 בקול unto the voice H3068 יהוה׃ of the LORD.
  26 H5375 וישׂא Therefore he lifted up H3027 ידו his hand H1992 להם   H5307 להפיל against them, to overthrow H853 אותם   H4057 במדבר׃ them in the wilderness:
  27 H5307 ולהפיל To overthrow H2233 זרעם their seed H1471 בגוים also among the nations, H2219 ולזרותם and to scatter H776 בארצות׃ them in the lands.
  28 H6775 ויצמדו They joined themselves H1187 לבעל פעור also unto Baalpeor, H398 ויאכלו and ate H2077 זבחי the sacrifices H4191 מתים׃ of the dead.
  29 H3707 ויכעיסו Thus they provoked to anger H4611 במעלליהם with their inventions: H6555 ותפרץ broke in H4046 בם מגפה׃ and the plague
  30 H5975 ויעמד Then stood up H6372 פינחס Phinehas, H6419 ויפלל and executed judgment: H6113 ותעצר was stayed. H4046 המגפה׃ and the plague
  31 H2803 ותחשׁב And that was counted H6666 לו לצדקה unto him for righteousness H1755 לדר unto all generations H1755 ודר unto all generations H5704 עד forevermore. H5769 עולם׃ forevermore.
  32 H7107 ויקציפו They angered H5921 על also at H4325 מי the waters H4808 מריבה of strife, H3415 וירע so that it went ill H4872 למשׁה with Moses H5668 בעבורם׃ for their sakes:
  33 H3588 כי Because H4784 המרו they provoked H853 את   H7307 רוחו his spirit, H981 ויבטא so that he spoke unadvisedly H8193 בשׂפתיו׃ with his lips.
  34 H3808 לא They did not H8045 השׁמידו destroy H853 את   H5971 העמים the nations, H834 אשׁר concerning whom H559 אמר commanded H3069 יהוה   H1992 להם׃  
  35 H6148 ויתערבו But were mingled H1471 בגוים among the heathen, H3925 וילמדו and learned H4639 מעשׂיהם׃ their works.
  36 H5647 ויעבדו And they served H853 את   H6091 עצביהם their idols: H1961 ויהיו which were H1992 להם   H4170 למוקשׁ׃ a snare
  37 H2076 ויזבחו Yea, they sacrificed H853 את   H1121 בניהם their sons H853 ואת   H1323 בנותיהם and their daughters H7700 לשׁדים׃ unto devils,
  38 H8210 וישׁפכו And shed H1818 דם blood, H5355 נקי innocent H1818 דם the blood H1121 בניהם of their sons H1323 ובנותיהם and of their daughters, H834 אשׁר whom H2076 זבחו they sacrificed H6091 לעצבי unto the idols H3667 כנען of Canaan: H2610 ותחנף was polluted H776 הארץ and the land H1818 בדמים׃ with blood.
  39 H2930 ויטמאו Thus were they defiled H4639 במעשׂיהם with their own works, H2181 ויזנו and went a whoring H4611 במעלליהם׃ with their own inventions.
  40 H2734 ויחר kindled H639 אף Therefore was the wrath H3068 יהוה of the LORD H5971 בעמו against his people, H8581 ויתעב insomuch that he abhorred H853 את   H5159 נחלתו׃ his own inheritance.
  41 H5414 ויתנם And he gave H3027 ביד them into the hand H1471 גוים of the heathen; H4910 וימשׁלו them ruled H8130 בהם שׂנאיהם׃ and they that hated
  42 H3905 וילחצום also oppressed H341 אויביהם Their enemies H3665 ויכנעו them, and they were brought into subjection H8478 תחת under H3027 ידם׃ their hand.
  43 H6471 פעמים times H7227 רבות Many H5337 יצילם did he deliver H1992 והמה them; but they H4784 ימרו provoked H6098 בעצתם with their counsel, H4355 וימכו and were brought low H5771 בעונם׃ for their iniquity.
  44 H7200 וירא Nevertheless he regarded H6862 בצר their affliction, H1992 להם   H8085 בשׁמעו when he heard H853 את   H7440 רנתם׃ their cry:
  45 H2142 ויזכר And he remembered H1992 להם   H1285 בריתו for them his covenant, H5162 וינחם and repented H7230 כרב according to the multitude H2617 חסדו׃ of his mercies.
  46 H5414 ויתן He made H853 אותם   H7356 לרחמים them also to be pitied H6440 לפני of H3605 כל all H7617 שׁוביהם׃ those that carried them captives.
  47 H3467 הושׁיענו Save H3068 יהוה us, O LORD H430 אלהינו our God, H6908 וקבצנו and gather H4480 מן us from among H1471 הגוים the heathen, H3034 להדות to give thanks H8034 לשׁם name, H6944 קדשׁך unto thy holy H7623 להשׁתבח to triumph H8416 בתהלתך׃ in thy praise.
  48 H1288 ברוך Blessed H3068 יהוה the LORD H430 אלהי God H3478 ישׂראל of Israel H4480 מן from H5769 העולם everlasting H5704 ועד to H5769 העולם everlasting: H559 ואמר say, H3605 כל and let all H5971 העם the people H543 אמן Amen. H1984 הללו Praise H3050 יה׃ ye the LORD.