Obadiah 1:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H5704 עד thee to H1366 הגבול the border: H7971 שׁלחוך have brought H3605 כל All H582 אנשׁי   H1285 בריתך of thy confederacy H5377 השׁיאוך with thee have deceived H3201 יכלו thee, prevailed H582 לך אנשׁי   H7965 שׁלמך that were at peace H3899 לחמך against thee; thy bread H7760 ישׂימו have laid H4204 מזור a wound H8478 תחתיך under H369 אין thee: none H8394 תבונה׃ understanding