Numbers 30:8

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  8 H518 ואם But if H3117 ביום her on the day H8085 שׁמע that he heard H376 אישׁה her husband H5106 יניא disallowed H853 אותה   H6565 והפר of none effect: H853 את   H5088 נדרה then he shall make her vow H834 אשׁר which she vowed, H5921 עליה which she vowed, H853 ואת   H4008 מבטא and that which she uttered H8193 שׂפתיה with her lips, H834 אשׁר wherewith H631 אסרה she bound H5921 על she bound H5315 נפשׁה her soul, H3068 ויהוה and the LORD H5545 יסלח׃ shall forgive