Nehemiah 6:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H1571 וגם And thou hast also H5030 נביאים prophets H5975 העמדת appointed H7121 לקרא to preach H5921 עליך of H3389 בירושׁלם thee at Jerusalem, H559 לאמר saying, H4428 מלך a king H3063 ביהודה in Judah: H6258 ועתה and now H8085 ישׁמע shall it be reported H4428 למלך to the king H1697 כדברים words. H428 האלה according to these H6258 ועתה now H1980 לכה Come H3289 ונועצה therefore, and let us take counsel H3162 יחדו׃ together.