Nehemiah 5:12

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  12 H559 ויאמרו Then said H7725 נשׁיב they, We will restore H1992 ומהם   H3808 לא nothing H1245 נבקשׁ and will require H3651 כן them; so H6213 נעשׂה will we do H834 כאשׁר as H859 אתה thou H559 אומר sayest. H7121 ואקרא Then I called H853 את   H3548 הכהנים the priests, H7650 ואשׁביעם and took an oath H6213 לעשׂות of them, that they should do H1697 כדבר promise. H2088 הזה׃ according to this