Nehemiah 12:37

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  37 H5921 ועל And at H8179 שׁער gate, H5869 העין the fountain H5048 ונגדם which was over against H5927 עלו them, they went up H5921 על by H4609 מעלות the stairs H5892 עיר of the city H1732 דויד of David, H4608 במעלה at the going up H2346 לחומה of the wall, H5921 מעל above H1004 לבית the house H1732 דויד of David, H5704 ועד even unto H8179 שׁער gate H4325 המים the water H4217 מזרח׃ eastward.