Nehemiah 10:28

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  28 H7605 ושׁאר And the rest H5971 העם of the people, H3548 הכהנים the priests, H3881 הלוים the Levites, H7778 השׁוערים the porters, H7891 המשׁררים the singers, H5411 הנתינים the Nethinims, H3605 וכל and all H914 הנבדל they that had separated themselves H5971 מעמי from the people H776 הארצות of the lands H413 אל unto H8451 תורת the law H430 האלהים of God, H802 נשׁיהם their wives, H1121 בניהם their sons, H1323 ובנתיהם and their daughters, H3605 כל every H3045 יודע one having knowledge, H995 מבין׃ and having understanding;