Malachi 3:3

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  3 H3427 וישׁב And he shall sit H6884 מצרף a refiner H2891 ומטהר and purifier H3701 כסף of silver: H2891 וטהר and he shall purify H853 את   H1121 בני the sons H3878 לוי of Levi, H2212 וזקק and purge H853 אתם   H2091 כזהב them as gold H3701 וככסף and silver, H1961 'e5היו that they may offer H3068 ליהוה unto the LORD H5066 מגישׁי that they may offer H4503 מנחה an offering H6666 בצדקה׃ in righteousness.