Leviticus 6:2

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  2 H5315 נפשׁ a soul H3588 כי If H2398 תחטא sin, H4603 ומעלה and commit H4604 מעל a trespass H3068 ביהוה against the LORD, H3584 וכחשׁ and lie H5997 בעמיתו unto his neighbor H6487 בפקדון in that which was delivered him to keep, H176 או or H8667 בתשׂומת in fellowship, H3027 יד in fellowship, H176 או or H1498 בגזל in a thing taken away by violence, H176 או or H6231 עשׁק hath deceived H853 את   H5997 עמיתו׃ his neighbor;