Leviticus 27:8

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  8 H518 ואם But if H4134 מך be poorer H1931 הוא he H6187 מערכך than thy estimation, H5975 והעמידו then he shall present himself H6440 לפני before H3548 הכהן the priest, H6186 והעריך shall value H853 אתו   H3548 הכהן and the priest H5921 על him; according to H6310 פי   H834 אשׁר   H5381 תשׂיג his ability H3027 יד his ability H5087 הנדר that vowed H6186 יעריכנו value H3548 הכהן׃ shall the priest