Leviticus 25:50

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  50 H2803 וחשׁב And he shall reckon H5973 עם with H7069 קנהו him that bought H8141 משׁנת him from the year H4376 המכרו that he was sold H5704 לו עד to him unto H8141 שׁנת the year H3104 היבל of jubilee: H1961 והיה shall be H3701 כסף and the price H4465 ממכרו of his sale H4557 במספר according unto the number H8141 שׁנים of years, H3117 כימי according to the time H7916 שׂכיר of a hired servant H1961 יהיה shall it be H5973 עמו׃ with