Leviticus 25:39-42

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  39 H3588 וכי And if H4134 ימוך thee be waxen poor, H251 אחיך thy brother H5973 עמך by H4376 ונמכר and be sold H3808 לך לא unto thee; thou shalt not H5647 תעבד compel him to serve H5656 בו עבדת as a bondservant: H5650 עבד׃ as a bondservant:
  40 H7916 כשׂכיר as a hired servant, H8453 כתושׁב as a sojourner, H1961 יהיה he shall be H5973 עמך with H5704 עד thee unto H8141 שׁנת the year H3104 היבל of jubilee: H5647 יעבד thee, shall serve H5973 עמך׃ thee, shall serve
  41 H3318 ויצא And shall he depart H5973 מעמך from H1931 הוא thee, he H1121 ובניו and his children H5973 עמו with H7725 ושׁב him, and shall return H413 אל unto H4940 משׁפחתו his own family, H413 ואל and unto H272 אחזת the possession H1 אבתיו of his fathers H7725 ישׁוב׃ shall he return.
  42 H3588 כי For H5650 עבדי my servants, H1992 הם they H834 אשׁר which H3318 הוצאתי I brought forth H853 אתם   H776 מארץ out of the land H4714 מצרים of Egypt: H3808 לא they shall not H4376 ימכרו be sold H4466 ממכרת as bondmen. H5650 עבד׃ as bondmen.