Leviticus 20:17

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  17 H376 ואישׁ a man H834 אשׁר And if H3947 יקח shall take H853 את   H269 אחתו his sister, H1323 בת daughter, H1 אביו his father's H176 או or H1323 בת daughter, H517 אמו his mother's H7200 וראה and see H853 את   H6172 ערותה her nakedness, H1931 והיא and she H7200 תראה see H853 את   H6172 ערותו his nakedness; H2617 חסד a wicked thing; H1931 הוא it H3772 ונכרתו and they shall be cut off H5869 לעיני in the sight H1121 בני of their people: H5971 עמם of their people: H6172 ערות nakedness; H269 אחתו his sister's H1540 גלה he hath uncovered H5771 עונו his iniquity. H5375 ישׂא׃ he shall bear