Leviticus 14:9

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  9 H1961 והיה But it shall be H3117 ביום day, H7637 השׁביעי on the seventh H1548 יגלח he shall shave off: H853 את   H3605 כל even all H8181 שׂערו his hair H853 את   H7218 ראשׁו his head H853 ואת   H2206 זקנו and his beard H853 ואת   H1354 גבת and his eyebrows, H5869 עיניו and his eyebrows, H853 ואת   H3605 כל   H8181 שׂערו   H1548 יגלח   H3526 וכבס and he shall wash H853 את   H899 בגדיו his clothes, H7364 ורחץ also he shall wash H853 את   H1320 בשׂרו his flesh H4325 במים in water, H2891 וטהר׃ and he shall be clean.