Lamentations 2:8

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  8 H2803 חשׁב hath purposed H3068 יהוה The LORD H7843 להשׁחית to destroy H2346 חומת the wall H1323 בת of the daughter H6726 ציון of Zion: H5186 נטה he hath stretched out H6957 קו a line, H3808 לא he hath not H7725 השׁיב withdrawn H3027 ידו his hand H1104 מבלע from destroying: H56 ויאבל to lament; H2426 חל therefore he made the rampart H2346 וחומה and the wall H3162 יחדו together. H535 אמללו׃ they languished