Lamentations 2:6

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  6 H2554 ויחמס And he hath violently taken away H1588 כגן as a garden: H7900 שׂכו his tabernacle, H7843 שׁחת he hath destroyed H4150 מועדו his places of the assembly: H7911 שׁכח to be forgotten H3068 יהוה the LORD H6726 בציון in Zion, H4150 מועד hath caused the solemn feasts H7676 ושׁבת and sabbaths H5006 וינאץ and hath despised H2195 בזעם in the indignation H639 אפו of his anger H4428 מלך the king H3548 וכהן׃ and the priest.