Lamentations 1:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H2142 זכרה remembered H3389 ירושׁלם Jerusalem H3117 ימי in the days H6040 עניה of her affliction H4788 ומרודיה and of her miseries H3605 כל all H4262 מחמדיה her pleasant things H834 אשׁר that H1961 היו she had H3117 מימי in the days H6924 קדם of old, H5307 בנפל fell H5971 עמה when her people H3027 ביד into the hand H6862 צר of the enemy, H369 ואין and none H5826 עוזר did help H7200 לה ראוה saw H6862 צרים her: the adversaries H7832 שׂחקו her, did mock H5921 על at H4868 משׁבתה׃ her sabbaths.