Judges 9:33

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  33 H1961 והיה And it shall be, H1242 בבקר in the morning, H2224 כזרח is up, H8121 השׁמשׁ as soon as the sun H7925 תשׁכים thou shalt rise early, H6584 ופשׁטת and set H5921 על upon H5892 העיר the city: H2009 והנה and, behold, H1931 הוא he H5971 והעם and the people H834 אשׁר that H854 אתו with H3318 יצאים him come out H413 אליך against H6213 ועשׂית thee, then mayest thou do H834 לו כאשׁר to them as H4672 תמצא thou shalt find H3027 ידך׃ occasion.