Judges 6:27

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  27 H3947 ויקח took H1439 גדעון Then Gideon H6235 עשׂרה ten H376 אנשׁים men H5650 מעבדיו of his servants, H6213 ויעשׂ and did H834 כאשׁר as H1696 דבר had said H413 אליו unto H3068 יהוה the LORD H1961 ויהי him: and it was, H834 כאשׁר because H3372 ירא he feared H853 את   H1004 בית household, H1 אביו his father's H853 ואת   H376 אנשׁי and the men H5892 העיר of the city, H6213 מעשׂות that he could not do H3119 יומם by day, H6213 ויעשׂ that he did H3915 לילה׃ by night.