Judges 19:25

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  25 H3808 ולא not H14 אבו would H582 האנשׁים   H8085 לשׁמע hearken H2388 לו ויחזק took H376 האישׁ But the men H6370 בפילגשׁו his concubine, H3318 ויצא and brought her forth H413 אליהם unto H2351 החוץ and brought her forth H3045 וידעו them; and they knew H853 אותה   H5953 ויתעללו her, and abused H3605 בה כל her all H3915 הלילה the night H5704 עד until H1242 הבקר the morning: H7971 וישׁלחוה they let her go. H5927 בעלות began to spring, H7837 השׁחר׃ and when the day