Judges 19:10

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  10 H3808 ולא not H14 אבה would H376 האישׁ But the man H3885 ללון tarry that night, H6965 ויקם but he rose up H1980 וילך and departed, H935 ויבא and came H5704 עד over against H5227 נכח over against H2982 יבוס Jebus, H1931 היא which H3389 ירושׁלם Jerusalem; H5973 ועמו and with H6776 צמד him two H2543 חמורים asses H2280 חבושׁים saddled, H6370 ופילגשׁו his concubine H5973 עמו׃ also with