Judges 14:9

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  9 H7287 וירדהו And he took H413 אל thereof in H3709 כפיו his hands, H1980 וילך and went on H1980 הלוך and went on H398 ואכל eating, H1980 וילך and came H413 אל to H1 אביו his father H413 ואל   H517 אמו and mother, H5414 ויתן and he gave H398 להם ויאכלו them, and they did eat: H3808 ולא not H5046 הגיד but he told H3588 להם כי them that H1472 מגוית out of the carcass H738 האריה of the lion. H7287 רדה he had taken H1706 הדבשׁ׃ the honey