Judges 14:17

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  17 H1058 ותבך And she wept H5921 עליו before H7651 שׁבעת him the seven H3117 הימים days, H834 אשׁר while H1961 היה lasted: H4960 להם המשׁתה their feast H1961 ויהי and it came to pass H3117 ביום day, H7637 השׁביעי on the seventh H5046 ויגד that he told H3588 לה כי her, because H6693 הציקתהו she lay sore H5046 ותגד upon him: and she told H2420 החידה the riddle H1121 לבני to the children H5971 עמה׃ of her people.