Judges 13:20

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  20 H1961 ויהי For it came to pass, H5927 בעלות went up H3851 הלהב when the flame H5921 מעל from off H4196 המזבח the altar, H8064 השׁמימה toward heaven H5927 ויעל ascended H4397 מלאך that the angel H3068 יהוה of the LORD H3851 בלהב in the flame H4196 המזבח of the altar. H4495 ומנוח And Manoah H802 ואשׁתו and his wife H7200 ראים looked on H5307 ויפלו and fell H5921 על on H6440 פניהם their faces H776 ארצה׃ to the ground.