Job 21:7-9

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H4069 מדוע Wherefore H7563 רשׁעים do the wicked H2421 יחיו live, H6275 עתקו become old, H1571 גם yea, H1396 גברו are mighty H2428 חיל׃ in power?
  8 H2233 זרעם Their seed H3559 נכון is established H6440 לפניהם in their sight H5973 עמם with H6631 וצאצאיהם them, and their offspring H5869 לעיניהם׃ before their eyes.
  9 H1004 בתיהם Their houses H7965 שׁלום safe H6343 מפחד from fear, H3808 ולא neither H7626 שׁבט the rod H433 אלוה of God H5921 עליהם׃ upon