Job 20:26-28

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  26 H3605 כל All H2822 חשׁך darkness H2934 טמון hid H6845 לצפוניו in his secret places: H398 תאכלהו shall consume H784 אשׁ a fire H3808 לא not H5301 נפח blown H3415 ירע   H8300 שׂריד with him that is left H168 באהלו׃ in his tabernacle.
  27 H1540 יגלו shall reveal H8064 שׁמים The heaven H5771 עונו his iniquity; H776 וארץ and the earth H6965 מתקוממה׃ shall rise up
  28 H1540 יגל shall depart, H2981 יבול The increase H1004 ביתו of his house H5064 נגרות shall flow away H3117 ביום in the day H639 אפו׃ of his wrath.