Jeremiah 8:16

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  16 H1835 מדן   H8085 נשׁמע was heard H5170 נחרת The snorting H5483 סוסיו of his horses H6963 מקול at the sound H4684 מצהלות of the neighing H47 אביריו of his strong ones; H7493 רעשׁה trembled H3605 כל the whole H776 הארץ land H935 ויבואו for they are come, H398 ויאכלו and have devoured H776 ארץ the land, H4393 ומלואה and all H5892 עיר that is in it; the city, H3427 וישׁבי׃ and those that dwell