Jeremiah 8:10-12

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  10 H3651 לכן Therefore H5414 אתן will I give H853 את   H802 נשׁיהם their wives H312 לאחרים unto others, H7704 שׂדותיהם their fields H3423 ליורשׁים to them that shall inherit H3588 כי for H6996 מקטן from the least H5704 ועד even unto H1419 גדול the greatest H3605 כלה every one H1214 בצע is given to covetousness, H1215 בצע is given to covetousness, H5030 מנביא from the prophet H5704 ועד even unto H3548 כהן the priest H3605 כלה every one H6213 עשׂה dealeth H8267 שׁקר׃ falsely.
  11 H7495 וירפו For they have healed H853 את   H7667 שׁבר the hurt H1323 בת of the daughter H5971 עמי of my people H5921 על   H7043 נקלה slightly, H559 לאמר saying, H7965 שׁלום Peace, H7965 שׁלום peace; H369 ואין when no H7965 שׁלום׃ peace.
  12 H3001 הבשׁו   H3588 כי when H8441 תועבה abomination? H6213 עשׂו they had committed H1571 גם nay, H954 בושׁ Were they ashamed H3808 לא they were not H954 יבשׁו at all ashamed, H3637 והכלם they blush: H3808 לא neither H3045 ידעו could H3651 לכן therefore H5307 יפלו shall they fall H5307 בנפלים among them that fall: H6256 בעת in the time H6486 פקדתם of their visitation H3782 יכשׁלו they shall be cast down, H559 אמר saith H3068 יהוה׃ the LORD.