Jeremiah 6:23

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  23 H7198 קשׁת on bow H3591 וכידון and spear; H2388 יחזיקו They shall lay hold H394 אכזרי cruel, H1931 הוא they H3808 ולא and have no H7355 ירחמו mercy; H6963 קולם their voice H3220 כים like the sea; H1993 יהמה roareth H5921 ועל upon H5483 סוסים horses, H7392 ירכבו and they ride H6186 ערוך set in array H376 כאישׁ as men H4421 למלחמה for war H5921 עליך against H1323 בת thee, O daughter H6726 ציון׃ of Zion.