Jeremiah 5:6

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  6 H5921 על over H3651 כן   H5221 הכם shall slay H738 אריה a lion H3293 מיער out of the forest H2061 זאב them, a wolf H6160 ערבות of the evenings H7703 ישׁדדם shall spoil H5246 נמר them, a leopard H8245 שׁקד shall watch H5921 על   H5892 עריהם their cities: H3605 כל every one H3318 היוצא that goeth out H2007 מהנה thence H2963 יטרף shall be torn in pieces: H3588 כי because H7231 רבו are many, H6588 פשׁעיהם their transgressions H6105 עצמו are increased. H4878 משׁבותיהם׃ their backslidings